Meet Haibu

We were approached by successful Hollywood Director and Author Blake Freeman, to help bring Haibu to life.

Haibu is a smart, compassionate, and determined 10-year- old who is indigenous to a tiny village in Iceland called Montooka. Even though her village is a very cold place, Haibu’s heart is filled with warmth. Haibu becomes lost in New York with her best friend Kannux – a friendly Sea Lion cub.

Haibu is the heroine of a fun and successful new set of childrens’ books that help to explore and teach children about our planet and the importance of conservation.

Haibu Author Blake Freeman enlisted The Digi Monsters to help successfully pitch Haibu as a 3D animation series for television.

Watch this space!

Blake Freeman

Character Design, Look Development, Rigging, Animation