Creating the cover shot for an exclusive EDGE Magazine feature.


Adam’s product renders of the Guitar Hero Live guitar were used for the EDGE magazine cover.


Adam says: “It was fantastic to have the opportunity to create renders for the printed magazine and online edition. I would read EDGE from cover to cover when I was a kid, so this was definitely a highlight of my career.”

“I had been working with the designers at Freestyle Games for several months developing the look of the guitar, creating hundreds of renders exploring button layouts, styles and features. Towards the end of the process my 3ds max models were being sent off to be 3D printed and it was a real buzz to be able to hold a physical copy of the guitar and fine tune the look.”


“The turnaround for the online edition video was very rapid. Creating several ‘preview’ videos in 3ds max for how the guitar could be introduced into frame and finish in the same position as the printed edition.


The final video was rendered using the 3ds Max – Corona renderer and used approximately 16 machines / render nodes over a two week period. Corona was compatible with our Deadline render farm setup, so it was perfectly fit for purpose.


“I thoroughly enjoyed using the Corona renderer and I continue to use it to this day. It is incredibly easy to use in terms of setting up lighting and materials. The introduction of the real-time rendering window when upgrading from Corona Alpha v6, made setting up my scenes even faster than before.

I composited the final video in After Effects, adding colour balance, motion blur, zdepth and lens flare.

I was very happy with the final result, working to such a tight deadline was a challenge and Corona helped to achieve a high quality render in the timeframe available.”

Watch this space for more blog entries from Adam.


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